Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: "Beauty Queens" by Libba Bray

 As soon I read the synopsis, I knew I had to get my hands on this book:

The Scoop: (Goodreads)

The fifty contestants in the Miss Teen Dream pageant thought this was going to be a fun trip to the beach, where they could parade in their state-appropriate costumes and compete in front of the cameras. But sadly, their airplane had another idea crashing on a desert island and leaving the survivors stranded with little food, little water, and practically no eyeliner.

What's a beauty queen to do? Continue to practice for the talent portion of the program--or wrestle snakes to the ground? Get a perfect tan--or learn to run wild? And what should happen when the sexy pirates show up?

Great for Fans of: A funny, twisted lovechild of The Lord of the Flies + Toddlers & Tiaras (flippers not included)

My Take:

Beauty queens + remote island plane crash + sexy pirates? Where do I sign up?! I had to read Beauty Queens just to see where Libba Bray was going to take this concept and how it was all going to end.


Bray sets up Beauty Queens like a Survivor-style TV show with commercials between each chapters that are pretty funny. Apparently, the world is now in the hands of "The Corporation" and their message is simple: buy our products and you will be beautiful, beauty = the perfect life.

Dear Citizen, Buy our lipstick or be doomed to a boring, miserable life. Sincerely, The Corporation.

The girls have to figure out how to survive on flat irons and mascara, which leads to hilarious moments. Two points to Gryffindor if you've already figured out that they turn out to be more resourceful than the beauty pageant circuit would have them believe.

Her girl-power message is a little heavy-handed, but overall  Beauty Queens was a fun, quick read and delivers a message that every girl should hear.

Final Verdict: Cotton Candy

Although Beauty Queens sends a crystal clear message, it's really wrapped in pure, pink sugary fun.


  1. LOL that was a hilarious review! I never really thought of reading this book before, but after reading your adorably funny critique, now I really want to! :)

    I agree: pirates and beauty queens, all on one remote island? Now that has to be pure awesomeness!

    LOVED your use of pictures and humor! Your blog is just adorable and I'm so excited to see what you blog about next! :)

  2. Babe! I love your review with all the pictures hahah, such a great concept, love it! I really enjoyed Beauty Queens, too. Loved the pirates and the commercial brakes and all the characters were surprisingly super likable! :D

    Glad to hear you lie it, too <3
    Thanks for stopping by @Bookish, I'm following u! <3

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it!



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