Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Hunger Games" Movie Trailer: VMA Sneak Peek

Well MTV was smart and kept us hanging until the last possible second for the Hunger Games trailer-ette, but at least I got to see the tribute to Amy Winehouse...

RIP, troubled soul.
And read the hilarious Twitters making fun of Katy Perry's dumb hat.

Love you Katy, but you look like my Rubik's Cube after I throw it across the room.

So, here you go Hunger Games fans, the teaser trailer: (Watch how she pulls the arrow out of her quiver and loads it like a badass, and is that Rue's whistle at the end?? I can't wait!)

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  1. I totally can't wait either. Jennifer Lawrence is going to be badass and perfect as Katniss. And *squees* Gale voice-over!

  2. That was exciting! Can't wait to see that one. :) Glad to have found your blog.

  3. I need to still read the books... guess I had better get to reading!!

  4. Finally, I get to see one of the most long-awaited trailers ever. It's pretty good. Must finish the books, or at least the first one, before I watch this movie. By the way, I'm a new follower. Nice blog!:)

  5. New follower via blogaholic.
    I found Hunger Games about 2 years ago now at the library. It was a fluke I picked it up. I brought it home and read it ALL that night then I went online and got book 2! My CC was $$-less so I used my hubbys at 330am to get the book..lolz..
    I think thats Rue's whistle too.
    This movie is gonna kick serious @$$! Just watching it now got me all hyped up again!
    I am reading Drink SLay Love too :)


  6. @Molli, Anna and Kimberly - I know! I can't wait. I just know Jennifer Lawrence is going to be great. i loved her in "Winter's Bone"

    @MSR and Rockee - You should try the first book at least I highly recommend it!

    @Vampyre Gurl I did almost the same thing, I picked up the first one because it was on sale, finished it that night and went the next day to buy the next 2. I was hooked :) I had to pause Drink, Slay to finish The Haunted and The Hidden, but about to pick it back up. I like it so far.



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