Monday, August 8, 2011

"Welcome to Steph's Stacks" or "Why is this Chick so Wild About Alliteration?"

Hello Everyone!

To start, a little bit about me:

My name is Stephanie and I am what you might call an "avid reader" or someone suffering from "borderline OCD behavioral patterns in regards to reading, collecting and sharing books." (The latter statement is a self-not official-diagnosis.)

Long and short: I love to read! I was a world-class reading prodigy (according to my mom, would she exaggerate?) and as an only child, I have always found great satisfaction in the written word.

My reading tastes (and music tastes, if your interested...) are very eclectic. Some people say that about themselves intending to convey that they are a little smarty-pants and you might not "get" their taste.

My tastes are eclectic yet derivative, dahhhhling.

I mean eclectic in the true sense of the word: "Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources." I love the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games just as much as Jane Austen, Hemingway and Stephen King.

So, if you find my most recent book review doesn't suit your personal style, just wait and I promise one of your faves will come by soon enough.

I am constantly building my library and love seeing my bookcases fill up. With that in mind, I was very hesitant about the inevitable future of publishing: the e-book. Knowing my passion for fiction (and sometimes non-fiction, thank you Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler...), my bestie suggested an e-reader as her Christmas present to me.

The book snob in me came straight to the surface: I will never give up my books! I love the smell of them (especially used)! I love the history and permanence of them! What is this world coming to?!

Before you think I am a miserable ingrate, those were the thoughts running in my head (although Michelle knows me well enough to know they were there), unspoken.

Now having cemented my stance (verbally and otherwise) on the blasphemy of e-books, we headed to James Avery where she got me a cute ring (and where we were a little nervous that we looked like a couple, which would be perfectly fine, but we're not, and it was messing with my flirtation attempts with the cute James Avery salesman. Who probably has a boyfriend...)

Cute non-engagement, friend ring.

Anyway...flash forward to three months later. I travel for work. I mean TRAVEL. Nothing as exciting as hitting Paris every other week, but you can find me at the Tulsa Holiday Inn Express (or something similarly glamorous) 250 days a year.

So, I was taking a business trip that, luckily for me, I could combine with a trip to see my Yankee cousins in New York. This meant I would be gone for two weeks. And if you're anything like me, you know this also means at least four books and six magazines.

After lugging the travelling library around five states and four airports, I started to see the inherent wisdom in Michelle's holiday suggestion....and bought a Nook straightaway!

Then, I fell in love...

...with my Nook. you doin'?

A huge library at the tips of my fingers! And magazines! And it's in color! And I can share books with buddies! And it has children's books (for my cousin, Alec) that will read aloud to him (when it's five AM and my eyes are working yet)! AMAZING!

"Dontcha wanna read me a book, while I finish these pretzels?"

Before you assume that I have gone over to the dark side fully, let me tell you, I still love my collection of "real" books. If I want to finish a collection that I already own or if I read a Nook book that I love, I still buy the paper version (hello OCD, there you are...), but the power of the e-reader cannot be denied. It is simply more convenient and usually cheaper than our old way of doing things.

Since buying my Nook, my reading rate has at least tripled. Which brings us here. Why not share a few opinions on my latest reads with you? There is nothing I love better then giving (or receiving) a good book recommendation. With five billion options out there, it's nice to have someone help narrow it down a bit.

So, here we go, fellow bibliophiles. I welcome your comments and suggestions and promise to keep posting as long as you keep reading!

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  1. I look forward to more reviews and that Alec is a CUTIE.



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