Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: "Drink, Slay, Love" by Sarah Beth Durst

Received via: ARC
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: September 13th, 2011

You know how much I love a good vampire tale and Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst is definitely one of my new faves.

The Scoop: (Goodreads)

Pearl is a sixteen-year-old vampire... fond of blood, allergic to sunlight, and mostly evil... until the night a sparkly unicorn stabs her through the heart with his horn. Oops.

Her family thinks she was attacked by a vampire hunter (because, obviously, unicorns don't exist), and they're shocked she survived. They're even more shocked when Pearl discovers she can now withstand the sun.

But they quickly find a way to make use of her new talent. The Vampire King of New England has chosen Pearl's family to host his feast. If Pearl enrolls in high school, she can make lots of human friends and lure them to the King's feast -- as the entrees.

The only problem? Pearl's starting to feel the twinges of a conscience. How can she serve up her new friends—especially the cute guy who makes her fangs ache—to be slaughtered? Then again, she's definitely dead if she lets down her family. What's a sunlight-loving vamp to do?

My Take:

Okay, so the basic premise of Drink, Slay, Love is what you might expect from a vampire story:

A) The vamps drink blood
B) They can't tolerate stakes, holy water, fire or sunlight (no sparkly vamps here)
C) The tale features a vamp + non-vamp romance
D) Takes place in a high school
E) Involves a love triangle

Here's Durst's twist:

A) The story is told from the vampire's POV
B) The kick-ass, undead "person" of the couple is the female protagonist (not the dreamy male like ALWAYS)
C) The characters are actually funny (as in: laugh out loud)
D) Unicorns

Yep, Unicorns.

I wasn't sure if the vampire genre could captivate my jaded heart anymore, but I was wrong. Drink, Slay, Love was a great read.

I just love reading a story from the vampire's POV. The disdain they feel for us humans drips from the pages. Of course, this is how vampires would really feel (if they were real), but we rarely get to read that side anymore especially in a modern YA novel. (I need to get back into Anne Rice...)

The Original Gangsta

I love Pearl's sassy, smart voice and I really hope a sequel is in the works...soon.

Final Verdict: Sweet-Tarts

A little sweet a lotta sass!


  1. Great idea! It's a real dystopian classic. :P

    BTW, loved your review of Drink, Slay, Love. You write very freely. :) I'll just go subscribe now...

  2. YAY, a vampire story that could possible save the genre?! *cheers* I love the idea of this book and I loved your review. :)

  3. @Petaldew + Molli - Thanks for stopping by! I really liked this book and I think you will too.




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