Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: "Nightshade" (The Poison Diaries #2) by Maryrose Wood and The Dutchess of Northumberland

Received via: ARC - Netgalley
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: October 25th, 2011

The Scoop: (Goodreads)

A dark, gothic tale of romance… and murder.
The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.

Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well. She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire. Can she recover from her heartache and reunite with her true love, Weed? Find out in this thrilling story where poisons, darkness and horror are a part of everyday life, and love is the only cure.

My Take:

If you have read my review of The Poison Diaries, then you already know that the cliff-hanger at the end of the first novel had me clamouring for the second right away. I can tell you with my whole heart that it was worth it! Nightshade does not disappoint. Questions get answered, more questions are posed and thrilling international treachery ensues.

Calling all gardeners/spies! If only this guy knew how to use a hoe... Well, wait a minute...
Have you ever thought you were having the worst day, month, year ever, only to have it get worse? Like, maybe you stub your toe, get a flat tire and lose your wallet and you think that your life is over. Only to later break your leg, drive your car in a lake and lose your job. You then find yourself looking longingly back at the good ol' days when you could fix your problems with a phone call to AAA.

Getting a flat sucks, it's true, but it could be much worse. However, with gams like this, she's probably gonna make out just fine.

Poor Jessamine, just when you thought she was put through the ringer in The Poison don't know from tough times!) In Nightshade the darkness that Wood and The Dutchess hinted at in their first book come to fore with a vengence. Nightshade explores the dark and very dangerous natures of Jessamine and Weed and hints at what sacrifices might be necessary for their redemption.

Of course, just as in The Poison Diaries, the cliffhanger at the end is amazing (amazing if you like to be tortured at the thought of not knowing the resolution for another year or so, Ugh!) Overall, Nightshade is a beautiful, fast paced, heartbreaking read. Drop everything and pick up this series, stat!

Final Verdict:

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  1. This series sounds really good. I love the cover of this one. I like cliffhangers in novels, I hate waiting for the next release.



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