Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trailer: Hunger Games Official Trailer

Since I was posting the Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer, it put me in the mood for my next most anticipated book-to-movie offering: The Hunger Games (release date: March 23rd, 2012).

The first full-length trailer was released this week (I loved the teaser trailer, so you can imagine how much I adore this one!) and here it is:

A few quick thoughts:

I just knew Jennifer Lawrence was going to be great as Katniss (I loved her in Winter's Bone). 

Furthermore, you know I'm totally Team Peeta, but Gale is quite a cutie in this movie, so.....

Also, am loving Elizabeth Banks as Effie, I didn't even recognize her.

The entire cast looks great. I was so worried that Hollywood would ruin one of my favorite series, but everything looks perfect so far!

Come on, March 23rd!

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