Sunday, February 19, 2012

In My Mailbox (14)

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I have a serious problem...seriously. I was doing quite well this week in terms of regulating my intake of books and purchasing exactly zero.

Then came car mysteriously went on auto-pilot (I didn't know I had a self-driving car) and drove me to my fave bookstore, Half Price Books, and I had no choice but to go inside. Once inside, I had no choice but to look at the fabulous books. And once I looked at the fabulous books, I had no choice but to buy all of the ones I wanted.

I started out with no bag or basket because I was only going to buy a couple of books, right? Then, the books started getting heavy so I picked up a hand basket. Then, the basket started cutting into my arm, so, I had to upgrade to a cart (with wheels and everything!). Ugh. I am significantly poorer but infinitely happier since my detour. And of course this all just means more pretty covers for you to look at today, right?


Before we get onto the book goodies, my favorite thing I received this week was the only one actually in my mailbox. My favorite blog buddy, Heather, from Book Stacks on Deck sent me a surprise present in the mail!! We both bonded over our mutual love for all things zombie and she sent me the COOLEST postcards based on Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (one of my faves, Austen and zombies? Sign me up!).

The funniest thing is, I was looking at these exact postcards at Half Price Books and almost picked them up. Then, when I got home, they were sitting there in my mailbox! And as a bonus, she also sent me some more of her cool bookmarks (I've gotta find out where she gets them!) So, a HUGE thank you to Heather. Her blog is amazing, so if you don't already follow her, I suggest you get on it!

Now, on to the books...



I can't lie to you guys, I also picked up several other books including Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series, 1Q84 and a few more, but since I have already featured them on previous IMM's (from the library) I chose not to count them :)

So, I am so excited about my haul here! I've been loving everything Westerfeld and am can't wait to dig into Peeps. I've gotta get back to my favorite Scottish Highland crushman, Jamie Fraser, so adding An Echo in the Bone to my library was a must. I stumbled across Dakota Cassidy's Accidental Friends series in the paranormal section and fell in love with the covers.

The rest have all been on my wishlist for ages. I'm particularly intrigued by Life of Pi. I've heard so many great things about it. The edition I picked up actually looks like a coffee table book and with it's fabulous illustrations, maybe it could be.



I've been trying to cool it with my library books for a hot minute because I have quite a stack to plow through, but when these holds came in, I couldn't resist. I love Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series and can't wait to check out her latest effort. I have heard amazing things about The Fault in Our Stars and have my box of hankies standing by because I have a feeling about this one...



I have been wanting to get into Patterson's Maximum Ride series for awhile. I just love the cover for The Name of the Star and I'm intrigued by the story of a modern day Jack the Ripper.

Free Fridays Selection for Nook:

If you are a Nook owner, you might already now that B&N offers a free book every Friday. The book of the week is offered for free for an entire week. So, it's not to late to grab your own copy! If you need more info here's a link: Free Fridays for Nook.

This week: Bring on the Blessings

The Scoop: (Goodreads)

On Bernadine Brown's fifty-second birthday she received an unexpected gift—she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary. She was hurt—angry, too—but she didn't cry woe is me. Nope, she hired herself a top-notch lawyer and ended up with a cool $275 million. Having been raised in the church, she knew that when much is given much is expected, so she asked God to send her a purpose.

The purpose turned out to be a town: Henry Adams, Kansas, one of the last surviving townships founded by freed slaves after the Civil War. The failing town had put itself up for sale on the Internet, so Bernadine bought it.

Trent July is the mayor, and watching the town of his birth slide into debt and foreclosure is about the hardest thing he's ever done. When the buyer comes to town, he's impressed by her vision, strength, and the hope she wants to offer not only to the town and its few remaining residents, but to a handful of kids in desperate need of a second chance.

Not everyone in town wants to get on board though; they don't want change. But Bernadine and Trent, along with his first love, Lily Fontaine, are determined to preserve the town's legacy while ushering in a new era with ties to its unique past and its promising future.

ARC's (via Netgalley):



I'm so jazzed about this batch of Netgalley ARC's! I love the covers for The Peculiars, The Replacement Wife and The Snow Child so much! I think my Shelf Candy Saturday's are practically writing themselves now :)

That's it for this week, peeps! I can't wait to peek at what was in your mailboxes this week! Be sure to stop by The Story Siren to see more buzzed about books and share a few of your own!


  1. Half Price Books is irresistable. It doesn't matter where I am supposed to be going, if I see one, I am pulling in! That is pretty much the only time my husband gets cranky about my book addiction. We'll be on our way to dinner and there it is HPB and I MUST stop and MUST complain about how hungry he is, lol.

    Looks like you have lots to look forward to in your TBR pile!

  2. I love those postcards! I was recommended The Fault in Our Stars but it doesn't seem my cup of tea so I'll just have to wait for your review :)

    Halflings was excellent! Here is my review if you'd like to have a look.

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM!

  3. OH my! I've finished The Fault In Our Stars this evening and OMG I loved it! :) It's such a great book! And it has meaning ;) I really really hope you'll enjoy it! :) Great mailbox! ;)

  4. Hahaa you crack me up! That crazy car! Glad you liked the surprise package! :D



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