Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday (22)

Shelf Candy Saturday is a meme that celebrates the many times unrecognized, but invaluable hard work of book cover designers. They say never judge a book by its cover, but you know you do!!
So now, run on over to Five Alarm Book Reviews (the creators of this fun meme) and check out more awesome covers!

I found The Tasters Guild (Book 2 of these little lovelies) at my fave, Half Price Books, and had to have it based on the cover alone. No, I don't have the first book in the series (yet). No, I had no idea what they were about before I picked it up (now, I do though and the series looks fun!) I know, I'm a fool for pretty books... Lest you judge me harshly, I suggest you take a look for yourself and answer truthfully: Would you have been able to resist?

I love them so much! So, naturally, I had to get on Amazon straightaway and order the other two books so I could complete the set.

...for a  penny? Sold!

The Scoop (Goodreads):

Introducing a witty and macabre new fantasy trilogy.

There's little joy left in the kingdom of Caux: the evil King Nightshade rules with terrible tyranny and the law of the land is poison or be poisoned. Worse, eleven-year-old Ivy’s uncle, a famous healer, has disappeared, and Ivy sets out to find him, joined by a young taster named Rowan. But these are corrupt times, and the children—enemies of the realm—are not alone. What exactly do Ivy and Rowan’s pursuers want? Is it Ivy’s prized red bettle, which, unlike any other gemstone in Caux, appears—impossibly—to be hollow? Is it the elixir she concocted—the one with the mysterious healing powers? Or could it be Ivy herself?

Told with wry humor, The Hollow Bettle is the first installment in the Poisons of Caux trilogy, an astonishing tale of herbs and magic, tasters and poisoners.

Each novel also has beautiful illustrations throughout. The cover art and illustrations for first two novels, The Hollow Bettle and The Taster's Guild, were created by Jennifer Taylor. Her work has been featured in several children's novels and you can check out more on her website here.

The third novel, The Shepherd of Weeds, was illustrated by Andrea Offerman who also created the art for Kate Milford's Boneshaker. I think she did a great job keeping the series covers complementary to each other.

So interesting!

 I just love these covers and can't wait to dig into this series!

Well, that's it for this week. Be sure to head to Five Alarm Book Reviews (FABR for the cool kids :) ) and see what everyone else is featuring this week!


  1. The covers go together so well ! I like the little details in the cover art

    Books and Sensibility

  2. These are awesome! I really like the one with the crow. It looks a little like folk art. I have not seen these before. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Wow! These are beautiful!! I love the colors and they go so well together you know instantly they are a series!! Great choice!

  4. So cute! And I love the text treatment!

  5. They are so fun! I think they'd look awesome side-by-side! Great pick!
    My Shelf Candy

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  6. I agree with the above commenters, you can definitely tell that they are a series. It's interesting how the vines are used to frame the rest of the cover.



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