Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wow! How Time Flies!

Ummm....I'm pretty sure it was April 24th just yesterday, however, my calendar (and any sane person in the rest of the world) would disagree. I have been a busy little bee over the past month, but just because I have been remiss in my blogging posts, doesn't mean I haven't been working on it behind the scenes. So, let me tell you all about what I've been up to and about the new changes coming soon to Steph's Stacks!

I've Been Everywhere Man...

So, as some of you may know, I travel for work. I love my job and I love to travel, especially when my work travel can include visiting my family and friends. I knew April was going to be a hectic month, but I think hectic isn't even the word for it!

Started out the month of April in Salt Lake City (home of one of our newest Contributors, Katherine)...

View from my hotel room. Which was about all I had time to see while I was there. I didn't even get to see Kat and the boys until Vegas.
 ...then headed to Vegas (with Kat and her twins to visit our friend Shonda)...

Took the boys to a Minor League game, to see the fountains at the Bellagio and then I hit up Pawn Stars after they headed back to SLC it was back to Houston for one day to celebrate my BFF, Michelle's b-day...

Happy Birthday to Michelle! Pictured here with her boyfriend Chuck at Houston's where we took her for dinner. Many cocktails came later...

...then off to New York the next day (home of my cuz, Micki - who is also another new Contributor - and her family), we celebrated her birthday and then I spent a week in New York working and playing...

Micki and Neal's son, Alec. We made snake bubbles (you can find the link on my Pinterest site) and turned them into a cloud catching game which was major fun!
 ...then we all hopped in the car (with my other BFF Marc who jet-setted in for the occasion) and drove to Vermont to spend the weekend with my cousins Pam and Heather and the rest of our family.

Me, Marc and Pam ready for a night on the town in Vermont!

Back to New York the next day. The next week was a lot of back and forth from New York to Vermont for work and play..

Happy birthday Heather! Cousin Night Out with Heather and Pam.

Then, finally, (although I was sad to go) I headed back home last week (the beginning of May if your counting.) After a layover that turned into a delay that morphed into an unanticipated overnight stay at the Atlanta Airport Marriott, I was home! (Just for the night, then I had to fly to El Paso the next day for an investigation.) Lastly, I was in Louisville, Kentucky this past week...

Hit up the Melting Pot for dinner with co-workers/friends in Louisville. Hello, Ying-Yang chocolate goodness..get into my belly!

...and now I am finally home for a few days. I can now officially catch my breath and catch up. Whew!

The Long and Short of It All:

Well, I told I did manage to get some Steph's Stacks related work done in the midst of that travel mania and here it is:

1. Steph's Stacks now has two new Contributors!

Katherine and Michelle (AKA: Kat and Micki) are both avid readers who are opinionated, funny and passionate about sharing their recommendations. So, I just knew I had to convince them to come on board. As it turns out, my rehearsed speeches and pleas on bended knee were completely unnecessary because they were both super-excited the minute I got the question out of my mouth.

They already have picked their first books to review and you should see those reviews coming in the next week. Although they both have diverse reading tastes, they have decided to narrow it down a bit for their Steph's Stacks reviews and in this way we will provide better coverage for you, gentle reader, as well as better accommodate the multiple review requests that keep pouring in.

Katherine is a YA lover (much like yours truly) and is also interested in discovering new authors through our independent author review requests. Michelle is more an Adult Contemporary and Adult Historical kind of gal, so anticipate seeing reviews from her along those lines.

2. BEA, baby!

Wow. I can't believe it's only two weeks away! So, as much as we all wanted to go to BEA, Katherine will be unable to join us this year (insert super-sad face here). Micki and I will be hitting BEA up sans Kat, but we have promised to send books to her to ease the pain.

I was busy this month confirming our passes, setting up all of the extras and since it is our first time to go, figuring out schedules and logistics. We are both super-stoked to be able to go and I know we are going to learn a ton and see amazing things! (BEA page coming soon!)

3. Bookmark mania:

You might not know this, but I have started designing bookmarks for Etsy and Steph's Stacks. In my travels, I have hit up yard sales and thrift stores across the country for one-of-a-kind jewelery that I could re-purpose into beautiful bookmarks. So, while the making of the actual bookmarks slowed in April, the finding of gorgeous pieces did not, so keep your eyes peeled for new creations!

4. Reading, reading, buying, reading...

Airports, airplanes, hotels, and cousins' houses are great places to catch up with your reading! So, while I may not have been reviewing, my reading has been right on track. I have plenty of reviews locked and loaded and ready to share with you very soon!

Well, that was my crazy month, guys and gals! I'm sorry I neglected you so terribly and promise not to ever do it again! I can't wait to catch with you and if any of you are heading to BEA, be sure to let me know and maybe we can meet up!!


  1. Sounds like you had fun during your travels! Glad you're back though - missed you, BBB4L! I just heard about Armchair BEA the other day lol - that I might be checking out - maybe Kat might be interested, since she can't go to the in-person BEA! So exciting - wish I were going to the real BEA too!

    1. I did have fun, but boy am I paying for it now! I'm so behind! I forgot about armchair BEA, I'll have to tell her. BEA is also doing a streaming event this year so that might be an option too. I'm going to host the streaming on my BEA 2012 tab. Be sure to stop by and check it out :) Next year you are going to have to come, BBB4L!

  2. Wow, and I thought I was busy! I hope you have a fantastic trip and enjoy BEA. I have never been but I would love to go. Maybe next year...

  3. I'm so excited! This is my first year to go, so I'll work out the kinks for both of us! That way next year will be a piece of cake :)



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