Monday, November 26, 2012

Novel News: George Washington, Book Burning, City of Dark Magic, Cracked and Pinocchio!

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Honest Abe is So 2012...

Hollywood is obsessed with turning to the Executive Branch for inspiration. It all began with Lincoln-mania. It wasn't enough that poor Abe had to keep the Union intact, apparently he also had to be a kick ass vampire hunter as well.

Well, move over Lincoln! Washington's making a move for the spotlight. NBC has tapped Barry Levinson to executive produce a presidential pilot based on Ron Chernow's book Washington: A Life.

Oh, The Humanity!

Book burning (or general destruction) is a very volatile subject. One that inspires people like a call to arms. It is a sacrilege to many (especially a book horder like me) and is thought to be done only by fascists, despots and generally small-minded people trying to supress the literary freedom of the masses.

According to this very enlightening article, it turns out that the book shredders are actually the Soldiers of Literature: library employees. And it is happening all of the time around the world! Due to financial hardships, many libraries simply cannot expand to hold all of the books that are constantly being printed and it is not cost effective to strip the books to allow them to be donated.

If I Only Stuck to My Drunken Plans...

I have been seeing City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte everywhere lately and I cannot wait to get my hands on the book (release date November 27th). Check out the funny trailer here. Turns out Magnus Flyte is actually a pseudonym for first time collaborators Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch.

The inception and evolution of City of Dark Magic is a cool story unto itself. The authors bandied about the idea over wine while on vacation and next thing you know they are e-mailing chapters to each other and a novel was born! Read more here on HuffPo.

Cracked is Like Crack

I'm not sure if you have ever checked out, but if you haven't, be prepared to spend a good three hours surfing the site. They are known for their humorous takes on pop culture and I love digging through their lists. For your book-loving pleasure, I've found (through numerous hours of hilarious research, you're welcome) a few bookish articles that just might make you LOL.

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Looks like we are one step closer to a live action version of Pinocchio making it to the big screen, Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr. have already been attached (sign me up!), but helping to seal the deal is the addtion of screenwriter, Jane Goldman. Goldman is known for excellent page to screen adaptations such as Stardust, Kick Ass (collaborating with Matthew Vaughn) as well as X Men: First Class and The Woman in Black.


  1. I can't wait to read City of Dark Magic. Thanks for the link to your post on the trailer. I hadn't seen it yet. It is spoofy.

    1. I just read it last week and it was great. It might not be for everyone... it was a little racy (think Sookie Stackhouse series) but I enjoyed the mystery and humor. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pinnochio with Tim Burton on board sounds like fantastic news.
    Thank you for the post. Pretty good news.

    1. Hey blog buddy! How have you been? Tim Burton is the perfect person for this project, right? And add RBD Jr.? Sign me up!



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