Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Deals: Amazing HarperCollins Ebook Deals for Christmas

The folks at HarperCollins have certainly caught the holiday spirit and in the tradition of giving are featuring some amazing holiday discounts on ebooks this season!

So, I was shopping on my Nook and checking my wishlist books (which I have no business doing since it is the holidays and I need to be shopping for others!). Anyway, I have had Melissa Marr's Carnival of Souls on my wishlist since BEA and there it was listed for the unbelievable price of $1.99!!! After rubbing my eyes repeatedly and looking again, sure enough it was still there. Not only that, another book on my wishlist, Don't Turn Around, was on sale also for the same low price. A Christmas miracle! Well, you know I snatched those two books up before you could say "Cotton-headed ninny muggin" and got to bargain hunting!

Then I discovered (through my Sherlock Holmesian detecting skills) that the common thread was the publisher, HarperCollins. I scoured the internet for information on this deal. I mean if these two highly buzzed about and well received books were on sale, surely someone at HC must have gone crazy and put more on sale, right? I found nothing on the internet, nothing on their website, nothing at Barnes and Noble, nothing at all to promote this incredible deal (don't be mad, HC, that I'm telling everyone about it...)

Then I hit the jackpot. In case you didn't know, it seems that ebook deals run across all platforms usually. If you see a deal on a Kindle book, typically the same price will also apply to Nook and other readers (not always, but really most of the time.) So, dear reader, I hopped over to Amazon and what do you advertised sale of these amazing books! According to Amazon, these bargains are good until December 22nd only. So, treat yourself while you can!!

This is just a sample of the HC books that caught my eye (and yes, I bought them all - if I didn't have them already...) Prices range from $.99 to $3.99.

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