Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Novel News: TV Shows Vs Books, Losing It, Catching Fire Movie Pics, Cinderella Seeks Cate Blanchett and Interactive Hamlet!

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But, Wait... The Book is Always Better, Right?
Flavorwire makes a great case for 10 TV Shows Better Than the Books They Were Based On. I couldn't agree more with most of their picks: True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Sex and the City, but Games of Thrones and Friday Night Lights? Flavorwire does admit those two might just be a tie, but for now, we'll just happily agree to disagree.
Losing It Means Big Gains for Cora Carmack
Cora Cormack is the latest self-published novelist to hit the big time with a high six figure three book deal with Harper Collins (and helping keep the dream alive for many struggling writers!). Cormack's novel Losing It quickly rose to the top ranks of the New York Times Bestseller list after being self-published and now another publishing Cinderella story is born.
Catching Fire Movie News? Give It To Me!!!
Entertainment Weekly is on top of the game (the odds are always in their favor) with some pics from the set of next year's upcoming Catching Fire movie based on Suzanne Collins' immensely popular (and rightfully so) novels.
The movie (in case you just returned from a three year long stint with the peace corp in Vanuatu) stars Jennifer Lawrence as the brave heroine Katniss Everdeen who (after battling her way to the top is this year's Hunger Games) is now evidently subjected to more Hunger Games (this time with lots of water.) Catching Fire is due for release November 22, 2013.
Are Fairy Tales the New Big Thing?
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Cate Blanchett is in talks with Disney to play the evil stepmother is their upcoming live action version of the classic fairy tale. Here's hoping that Disney will seal the deal with Blanchett and that they will make a great movie worthy of the fairy tale unlike the two fairly disappointing Snow White adaptations we were treated to this year.
Can We Change Hamlet's Fate?
To be or not to be may now be in your hands to decide. Ryan North has created a choose your own adventure style retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet, To Be or Not To Be. Using Kickstarter to raise funds to keep the project going, North has created a retelling that puts the fate of the terminally doomed characters in the hands of the readers. The more money North raises for his project, the more characters, illustrations and story threads he will be able to add to the tale (including pirates!).
You haven't heard the coolest part of this story yet: 100% of the publisher's portion of the profits will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. The fundraising window for this project closes December 21st so head over to Kickstarter to be part of this great project! As a reward for your monetary pledge (other than the general good feeling that comes with supporting amazing art and helping fight cancer) various pledge amounts will get you your very own copy of the book (starting with digital -$15- and moving up to multiple signed hardcover copies) and in some instances lots of press on tattoos and cool swag. What are you waiting for?! Pledges start at a mere $1.

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