Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: Game of Thrones Season 3, Book Spoilers, John Green and Bad Lip Reading!


Featuring trailers for the most highly anticipated and buzz-worthy books and movies!

New sets, new locations, new people, new nose (for Tyrion, my fave) Oh my!!! Game of Thrones season 3 is right around the corner and here is a much anticipated sneak peek behind the scenes!

Trailers were a little thin on the ground this week, so for your viewing pleasure, I have added a few of my favorite YouTube clips this week. Check it out!:

The Fine Brothers can (and do) spoil 50 books in 4 minutes. Most of their selections, I guarantee you have read already, but just in case, keep the mute button handy. This fast talking, book spoiling duo is amazing!

Just time for the holidays, author extraordinnaire, John Green has compiled a novel gift guide for the season (or just because). I think John Green could make reading the phone book frantic and hilarious, so this vlog is a must-see!

If you haven't check our Bad Lip Reading's videos on You Tube yet, you should scoot on over there and check them out stat! Essentially they dub scenes from movies or TV clips usually to hilarious result. One of my favorites of theirs is the Bad Lip Reading of Hunger Games. Check it out below:

Slide on over to Steph's Stack You Tube Channel to find more book, movie and TV trailers as well as author interviews, BEA information and hilarious book related clips!


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