Saturday, January 12, 2013

Novel Accessories: Twilight Vol 1.2

A feature where we here at Steph's Stacks share with you some our favorite bookish accessories from around the web.

To see more of our hand crafted bookish favorites, you can check them all out on our Etsy profile page under "Favorites".

Today's Theme: Twilight Part 2

Items from Steph's Stacks - Twilight Vol. 1 Treasury List
All links lead to Etsy seller's item page. None of the items listed here are from Steph's Stacks. We just think they are awesome and you should check them out!

So pretty! And it has a cute little heart stamped on the inside also. That way, when a vamp tries to bite your wrist, he'll know your Edward's.
Twilight inspired hand stamped bracelet - "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" - Edward and Bella
Created by: Shannon at Branded Heart Jewelry

Hide all of your love notes to your undead or Were boyfriend in this Eclipse Book Safe.
Created By: Rayon at American Book Decor

Looks like you can send your scathing letters to the Volturi with this wax stamp set..
Created By: Little Treasures

I love Entropy Trading Company's designs!
Created by: Caleb and Lynsey at Entropy Trading Co

Nothing says "I love Twilight" like some cool nail decals!
Created by: Rachel at RLR Creations Nail Art

Hope you like all of the Twilight related creations and craft supplies! Stay tuned for more Etsy fun!


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