Saturday, February 9, 2013

Novel Accessories: Bookish Treasures Vol 1.4

Sharing some our favorite bookish accessories.
To see more of our hand crafted bookish favorites, you can check them all out on our Etsy profile page under "Favorites".

Today's Theme:
Bookish Treasures Part 4
Items from Steph's Stacks - Novel Accessories for Readers - Vol 1
All links lead to Etsy seller's item page. None of the items listed here are from Steph's Stacks. We just think they are awesome and you should check them out!

Created by: Jason at Bazinga Jewellery

Yes, yes I will.
 Unless it is the first book in a series that ends in a massive cliffhanger and I have to wait a year to get the next one. Then I will stress and cry...and then read on.
Created by: Andrew and Tammy at Beneath Glass

Created by: Tiffany at Ka Dish Day
I am in LOVE with this shirt and all things Gatsby! Off to buy this shirt right now! BEA wardrobe Day 1 - check.
Created by: Pebby at Pebby Forevee

Hope you like all of the bookish creations and craft supplies! Stay tuned for more Etsy fun!

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