Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekend Wrapup (7)

Here's what has been going on with me lately plus some book acquisitions, book reviews and a sneak peek of reviews to come for a few books I was lucky enough to read this week. So, enough we go!

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I love my Nook!

I found some great deals this week with Incarnate and Pure and they were both on my wishlist!
I had read Pure last year as an e-galley and loved it (review here). The publisher had just contacted me to review the next installment, Fuse, so finding Pure on sale for $1.99 was perfect timing!
Speaking of Fuse, be sure to stayed tuned for an author interview with Julianna Baggott and a giveaway!!
Demi Monde: Winter was this week's Free Friday from Nook and although I don't always download these, this one looked very interesting.
Half Price Books, You Are the Devil:
So...I might have gone a little cray cray at Half Price Books this week, but if you have read my recaps before, you know this is not a new occurrence. Although, I always act amazed and startled that I end up with all of these books. Like:  "My oh my...who stole my credit card and brought back all of these books and a receipt? Well, I never!" *fans self*
 Diana Gabaldon's Lord John Series (they had one on clearance and then I decided that I must have them ALL...)
Ruben Toledo's  "Classics in Couture Editions" for Penguin. These aren't all of them but check out this Shelf Candy post from last year to see all of the pretties and to find out more about the series. (Three down, three to go!)

...and the rest:

Ooohhhh....I 'm so excited about this batch. Do you think if I sleep with them under my pillow I will absorb all of their stories at the same time? Because I don't know where to start!
For Review:
Whip Smart is based on a true story and looks very interesting and a little saucy, no? I will be doing a guest post with the author and a review for Valentine's week, so stay tuned!
The Golem and the Jinni looks wonderful and strange. I'm so curious to get started with it. And Notes From a Ghost Town is a YA Contemporary/Thriller/Mystery that is the type of story I haven't read in ages, so I'm looking forward to it.
Wow. Every one was a page turner! I think I finished them in under two days for each (half a day for Seconds Away because I think Harlan Coben invented the term cliffhanger. There's really no putting it down at the end of the chapter!) Reviews to come!
To the untrained eye, this might look like slacking behavior on my part. One review all week, scandalous!! However, I have three reviews in the pipeline including Pivot Point, Prodigy and Dare Me that will be going up in the next couple of days. So, keep your pants on!

So, while things are looking a smidge dodgy in the reviewing department, I have been kicking butt in the making hand-crafted bookmarks, photographing them and listing them department! Here's a small sample of the fifteen bookmarks I listed for sale this past week and I have twenty more all cued up and ready to go this weekend!
A few Valentine's Day creations plus Hunger Games bookmarks. For more just stop by Steph's Stacks Etsy shop to check them all out.
Well that's all of the Steph's Stacks scoop for this week, friends! Be sure to check in next week for another Weekly Wrapup. In the meantime you can look forward to more book reviews, breaking news, movie scoop and book deals!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Incarnate! Carnival of Souls! THESE ARE ALL MY FAVES. I hope you enjoy! So much pretty in your mailbox this week :)

    1. I can't wait to start Incarnate. I have been hearing about it forever! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I actually just started Whip Smart! It's a little different from what I expected it to be, but so far I'm enjoying it.

    1. I'm going to start it tonight. It has me intrigued for sure and I love the cover!

  3. Half Price books are the ruin of many of us book addicts. Come visit me too.


    1. LOL. Man, don't I know it! I'm on my way to your site right this minute!

  4. I've never read R.L. Stine since 5th grade! I miss reading his books. ):
    I've also heard so many good things about Dash & Lily's Books of Dares, I'll have to read that too.
    Happy reading! (:

    My STS & check out my SIGNED Everbound and Boundless Giveaway if you have time! (:

    1. I am moving Dash & Lily to my For-Real-You-Must-Read-This-Now shelf. I've heard great things about it!

      Thnaks for stoppping by!

  5. OMG R.L. Stine! I used to read the Goosebump series when I was younger. Okay, that's probably totally dating me since that was like 20 years ago... but I totally forgot about him!! I'll have to check out Temptation! :) Hope you enjoy all of your books this week! :)

    1. I went to a Tea at BEA last year that he spoke at and he was hilarious! I can't wait to see his take on paranormal YA!

  6. Love the Hunger Games bookmarks! I WISH I could absorb stories too! Or maybe be like the Twilight Vampires & not have to sleep ...then read all the books I could while everyone else slept! <3

    1. If only... I dreamed a dream of Vamipirism...

      I have more Hunger Games bookmarks coming so stay tuned...



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