Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's a Riffle? The Scoop on the Newest Book Site to Hit the Web

From Riffle website - Click here to go to Riffle!

So, a few months ago I received an invitation to join a new website called Riffle as an expert. Well, any website that recognizes my expertise has to be awesome, right? Initially, I was unsure what Riffle was all about and I wanted to use it for a little while before sharing with you, my beloved Steph's Stacker.

I have been actively using Riffle for almost a month now and am ready to share my findings with you. So, here's the scoop:

Riffle is a book recommendation site affiliated with Facebook (you have to register with your FB log in). Membership to Riffle is invitation only, like Pinterest (see below for your chance to get yours!)

The idea is to spread word of mouth about your favorite books in a Pinterest-like manner (you click book covers to easily recommend or save). As you are perusing the site, you can easily save books for later, mark as reading (unfortunately, only one at a time, for now), mark as read and/or mark as recommended.

Another feature of Riffle is its "Lists" feature. You can create a list (ex: Steph's Stacks Zombie Books list) fairly quickly and share with others on Riffle as well as share to Twitter and Facebook.

As with any other social site, Riffle has a follow feature to allow you to follow other users with similar interests. They also have a listing feature with pre-set questions to guide you through book recommendations.

It seems the long and short of user success on Riffle lies with recommending books and then getting others to heed your recommendations by clicking that they are interested in your selections. The more clicks you get, the more influence you will gain, thus propelling you to the Riffle stratosphere, I imagine.

So far, I have been enjoying playing around on Riffle. I love that it is picture driven (you know I'm a Cover Lover) and it is extremely easy to use. Sharing your lists and recommendations is simple and seamless.
The downside for me is that the library database does not seem as updated as Goodreads. Many times I had to type in authors instead of book titles to get the book I was looking for and sometimes even that didn't work. On the same theme of the database, some of the books covers were formatted weirdly or unavailable (although available on Goodreads - in several versions) and this distressed my OCD, particularly while compiling my lists.
Bearing in mind that Riffle is still in its relative infancy, I think it will prove to be a unique resource for finding and sharing books with your friends. Although it is no Goodreads (as of yet), I think it has promise and can carve itself out a niche to not replace Goodreads (or even Pinterest), but to become something else entirely.
I, for one, am excited to be on the ground floor of Riffle and you can too, friend! I have 15 invitations left for Riffle and if you would like one, I will send them to the first fifteen people to leave their email addresses in the comments! Once you're on Riffle (or if you already are) don't forget to follow Steph's Stacks because we love you so!

Keep reading your faces off,



    Do you HAVE to sign in with your Facebook account? I wonder what they do for people who doesn't use Facebook? I've been thinking of deleting mine, and really hate associating it with other social media sites. I wonder if they'll change that...

    1. It looks like you do, Sarah. I think it is technically a FB app, so.... I hear you about FB, I didn't associate mine with my blog or anything else forever, but I finally caved this year and made a page and am starting to enjoy it again.

      Thanks for stopping by, your invitation is in the mail :)

  2. Sounds interesting. I am a huge fan of Goodreads so I'd be curious to see how they are trying to make it different. I think ease of use is a big thing; if it's less intimidating than Goodreads for new users then it might be pretty cool. Does it allow you operate as a Facebook page or is it all linked to an actual person's Facebook profile?

    1. I love Goodreads soooooo much and really hope that this new Amazon acquisition won't change things too much! I haven't found Riffle to be a replacement for Goodreads so far, but it is fun to play around with and I think it has great potential.

      I think you do have to link up as your personal profile, but I mess that up quite often and maybe there is a way to link as your page. That would be perfect!

  3. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well



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