Friday, July 19, 2013

Neal's Take: NY Comic Con 2013

2012 was my first year at the NY Comic Con. It was amazing! It was definitely a time to let our inner beast out and show the world who we would be if we were all superhero's.

Just walking through the Javits Center was a walk to remember.

I did not see anybody that was angry and everyone that dressed up was willing to stop for a pose. I stopped and took pictures the whole time. (On the stairs, on the floor and even in the bathroom!) I found a group of Zombies doing their makeup in the bathroom, getting ready for a show and snapped a pic.

The stuff was one of a kind. On every isle was more and more cool stuff. And, in between, we found people dressed to the nines. These people are likely your neighbors and maybe a friend. I'm sure it was intimidating for the very young, but that didn't stop them from coming. Parents had to carry or push their young ones down endless isles of fantasy and graphic novels.

Was it crowded? Yes, very crowded. There were long lines to get into the building and lines to get into every show. Don't even think of going to the popular floor shows at the last minute. I saw lines that did not stand a chance. Last year, the policy was that if you made it to the first show, you could stay until the last show was over. This was a policy that many people took advantage of and the auditorium was packed all day. Maybe this year will be different. 

At the end we found Authors Alley. Wish I found that earlier. I'm sure I missed out on some very spectacular art work. Even though we were late, we still got a glance at what we missed and it was great.

The year's NY Comic Con runs from October 10th - 13th. I'm already a little concerned about this year's crowd. I just received notice that tickets are available, I immediately jumped online and the 4 day tickets are already sold out. (Update: I did get tickets, but the window for buying them was very small, stay tuned to the NYCC 2013 website for updates and ticket releases.)

The 1st day is marked to be open to professionals. Hope to find a way in using my words. If not, I will be there for 3 days and will definitely will feel left out. I'm sure it will not disappoint and will be another Con to remember.
Hope to see you there!

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