Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: The Mortal Instruments, The White Queen, Ink, The Theory of Everything, Ketchup With the Hot Dogs - Dexter

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Can't wait!!! I really hope this movie does justice to the book (unlike Beautiful Creatures...) so the series can continue on the big screen. Not a huge fan of the Jace casting initially, but I'll give Jamie Campbell Bower a chance to win me over.

The Starz Channel has adapted The White Queen by Philippa Gregory for the small screen and it looks great! (Just the thing to ease my Game of Thrones withdrawals.) Lucky Brits are able to enjoy the series right now, while we Yanks have to wait until August.

Publication Date: 7-11-13
This trailer has done it's job and forced me to add yet another awesome book to my ever-growing TBR pile!
Publication Date: 6-25-13
Ink has been in stores for a couple of weeks, but I just came across the trailer and thought it was lovely.

I love stalking the Nerdist You Tube channel (and it has nothing to do with my growing crush on Chris Hardwick, honest.)
What's not to love? Grrrr...

Last Trailer Tuesday, Nerdist introduced us to the awesome video shorts by PERIODS. Films. This week, I found the hilarious puppet series Ketchup With the Hot Dogs from Henson Alternative.
All I can say is "More, please, now!"
For your entertainment today, we are featuring Ketchup With the Hot Dogs' video Dexter Season 7 Recap. Enjoy!!!
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